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  • Title: Doppelgänger Chronicles
  • Premiered: 2011-07-00
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    • Death Note Light's Theme
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    [b]Synopsis[/b]: Dr.Stein is subject to hallucinations and nightmares where he see himself killing and slaughtering people with a evil pleasure. Sadly, it's not only a nightmare because his madness seems to materialize in reality, trying to get rid of him, the sane Stein. Here begins begins quest about Truth and Redemption, where Stein will learn that his worst ennemy... is probably himself.

    [b]Post-mortem[/b]: So ... finally I could finish this project for the High Mass in France in term of AMV Contest:Japan Expo. The project occurred to me as a big fan of silent hill series, I wanted to try an anime version of the hero who fights against the physical manifestations of his remorse and his actions.
    The audio and video source was generally overused,so I
    had to create a different AMV from what is usually seen. I noticed (unless I'm shitty in research) that no good amv had been done on the character of Stein and about his madness in the anime (which I think is more interesting to follow than his fights, even if they are nice.). but since the anime putting only snippets of passages (and an episode dedicated), I had to make a cross-over with various sources. it was not easy, especially as side contrast and colo, I did not know nothing about how to do it. but due to good advices, I tried to create a totally different thread
    (Elka who gets killed, Madam Demona with the crystal ball, Kishin in the hideout of the ball, the jail in the ghost town ...).some kind of original story without much spoil.

    [b]The name of the clip[/b]: Doppelgänger, which means "evil twin / waking double" in German, is a creature of international folklore, a kind of self-corrupt alter ego (and alittle inside joke to Oxide).
    Chronicles, because I would like to use the concept on future amvs, like the silent hill series,which inspired me. not absolute sequels, but new stories about the human psyche ;).

    [B]My vision of the clip? [/B]I think it's an interesting risk-taking, and I feel like I improved with, especially for color effects and on components... with very little acceleration than usual. I find however that the lack of rhythm clip (because of the music sometimes), It lacks "punch". Definitely something to see for the next.

    So here, I hope you enjoy / have enjoyed the clip. I'm waiting for your opinions.

    [b]ps[/b]: A reference to Iron Maiden is hiding in the clip, can you find it?

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