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  • Member: Nate RFB
  • Studio: Jaganzoku Virtual Studios
  • Title: Here's to the Eva
  • Premiered: 2003-06-04
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  • Song:
    • Eve6 Here's to the Night
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  • Comments: My first "true" music video, I was finally able to work with proper editing techniques by finally obtaining a copy of Adobe Premiere.

    This is my dedication not only to Evangelion in general, but to my fascination and sympathey for the three pilots. I felt this particular piece had each verse that could be lined up to each character quite well, and finally had the inspiration to put it to video (I will admit that Rei was a bit difficult). Shinji's scene of playing the cello in Evangelion: Death served as the introduction and conclusion, and though working with DVD2AVI was a bit shaky to get the DVD audio it still turned out decent I think :D I have to of course give all technical credit to Absolute Destiny and ErMaC for their stellar guide: without it there is no way this video could have been completed and still retained the quality it has.

    On a technical basis, there is no lip synching, though each verse and chorus are set up to match the scenes in either literal or symbolic ways. I did not go overboard using effects, and as such only used the Opacity rubber bands and Cross/Additive dissolves in Premiere.

    Though I had heard of a problem with the Region 1 Eva DVDs with IVTC, I did not notice any problems in my finished product and was glad everything seemed to work out okay. It's designed to be as high quality as possible at full-screen (made best for 800x600) while remaining at a decent file size (thank you XviD).

    All in all, I am personally pleased with this production even if it is my first. I hope you all enjoy the video as much as I did making it!

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