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  • Title: Travels of a pariah
  • Premiered: 2011-09-03
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    • Spitting Image (I've Never Met) A Nice South African
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  • Comments: For my 40th AMV I've returned to comedy. The main anime used is 'Hare + Guu', while the song is 'Never met a Nice South African' by Spitting Image. This song refers to Apartheid South Africa, which is why all the 'South Africans' in this AMV are white. For more information regarding this song I'd recommend checking out this website:

    The only thing I can add to this website is that Woolies ceased trading due financial problems caused by the 2007/8 Banking Crisis.

    I chose to mainly use Hare + Guu because it is one of the few anime series where a large number of the main cast have dark skin, which I felt was necessary for an AMV about racism. Though I had to use scenes from 8 other anime and 1 cartoon because Hare+Guu didn't have scenes that matched the lyrics.

    Regarding the name of this AMV I wanted to give it a name that referred to Hare's travels around the world. I thought about a parody of the full name of the anime (the Jungle has clear skies and later Guu) but they were very wordy.

    For those wondering the Pot Noodle flavours are 'Bombay Bad Boy', 'Donna Kebab', and 'Christmas Dinner'. I knew they weren't considered good food but I didn't think they'd be so trashy.

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