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  • Member: FateTSC
  • Studio: FateTSC Production
  • Title: Save Shibuya (Tokyo)
  • Premiered: 2011-08-26
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    • Xandria Save My life
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  • Comments: This is my AMV contest entry for the Abunai! 2011 AMV competition that was held in (NH Koningshof) Veldhoven (The Netherlands).

    3rd Place Award Abunai! 2011: Looking for Group

    Since I've skipped Animecon last May I've decided to come back at my favorite convention and stayed for the first time 3 days because I want to try to do Volunteer work at Ani-nation.

    This was the first time I'm doing a different music genre. Mostly I've used Instrumental music or Trance music in my previous entry. But this was a total big concept for me to develop it good to a story based AMV which I was totally satisfied with the end result after I've entered Tsunacon and Yaycon.

    I actually didn't expect that I made the Top 3 because for my opinion I saw better AMV's then mine. Especially Wesley Isakh which he won in Abunai! 2009 and also last year he did a great job I thought this could happen again. Or I expect Neko-Linn the AMV editor of the High School of the DEAD game from Animecon 2011 AMV contest that she could also made the top 3.

    Everything was different this year I really enjoyed all the 20 AMV entries it seems that also every editor want to try something unique and respect for the AMV editors that competed this year to make the AMV community in the Netherlands grower. You all did a great job ^_^

    This is the first time I've edited a Anime Music Video which all the
    technical style that a AMV could have are inside the AMV. Like masking,
    overlay transitions, lip sync, 2D & 3D Animation and Visual novel all those technics are already been used and its turned into a story-based AMV about Shibuya.

    What is the message about the AMV you send in for the convention?
    Well the story is about a boy named Takumi he has mystic powers to
    summon a D-sword a D-sword can only be touched by non-human beings and
    used for evil things. Takumi gets that sword the old man has known that
    he has the power of to use it.

    But they are more D-swords members in total they are 6 D-swords users.
    1 year ago there was a earthquake in Shibuya Takumi wants to know that
    is going on in Shibuya they were strange things happening in Shibuya
    people getting feared commit suicide and its become a Chaos.

    After 1 year later everything turned to normal thanks to the D-sword of
    Takumi. Once again strange things happend again. Rimi is missing and
    Nanami has been sealed by Norose the person who is behind the
    So Takumi is now looking for reinforcements to looking for a group as
    D-swords members to defeat Norose.

    Anime: Chaos & Head
    Chaos & Head Visual Novel Pictures CG (Stills pictures)
    Song by: Xandria (Save my Life) Edited version

    Programs used:
    Sony Vegas 8.0
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
    Adobe After Effects CS4
    Adobe Media Encoder CS4
    Adobe Soundbooth CS4
    Cinema 4D R11.5

    This AMV is purely fanmade and its respectively owned by the creators of the Anime. The music is owned by Xandria and the directors behind the scenes who made the music of it. I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC. ALL CREDITS GOES TO THE ANIME CREATOR AND XANDRIA.

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