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  • Member: FateTSC
  • Studio: FateTSC Production
  • Title: Looking For Group Be Motivated Be Creative
  • Premiered: 2011-08-26
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    • Masashi Hamauzu Blinded By The Light
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  • Comments: Hey Everyone,

    This is the AMV contest Openings Intro of the Abunai! 2011 AMV competition : Looking For Group that was held in (NH Koningshof) Veldhoven
    (The Netherlands) .

    This is the 3rd AMV opening I've made for a Anime convention. The previous 2 are Yaycon and Animecon 2011 openings.

    The AMV opening is actually a little bit based on the theme of this year but also a style to motivate the AMV editors and the public so that they can do keep on editing AMV's and never give up even you are just start AMV editing or doing it for a long time.

    The title of the of the Openings its called Be Motivated Be Creative. The meaning of it is to show Anime scenes of how Anime Characters are motivated and happy what they are doing.
    I've used only 4 Animes this time which I want to create a Story of it.

    The Video material:
    The opening has 2D, 3D Graphics that I've made in After Effects CS4 and Cinema 4D.
    The plugin I've used for the 2D Worldglobe in the beginning is Trapcode a specific source which you can greate abstract forms of graphics and make a 3D layer on it which its actually building a stone and then a 3D object of it.

    For the loading text its a sphere I've used and then I made it to a disc by using a moving tool and scale tool. Which you can create a simple circle.

    About the concept for short review the Anime starts with the previous 3 winners for the Abunai! AMV contest which is 2008-2010 winners.

    Abunai! 2008: Legendary (Jeroen Wolf) Rellik Entangled Destiny AMV:

    Abunai! 2009: Once with more feeling (Wesley Isakh) dnstje De Wereld draait door AMV.

    Abunai! 2010: Power is Yours (Jeroen Wolf) Rellik Warzone AMV:

    The is a way because its almost the 10th anniversary of the Abunai! conventions editions.
    After they show the previous 3 winners the are going to show the Animes that is related in Games or to be motivated and go on what you are doing.
    Then the motivation and excitement keeps going and going by as Climax the end logo I've made in After Effects CS4.

    Hope you enjoy the AMV contest at Friday 26th August and we will see you all next year!

    Anime used:
    Brave Story (Movie)
    Ginban Kaleidoscope (TV)
    Heartcatch Precure (TV)
    Kaleido Star (TV)

    Song: Blinded by Light (Edited version)
    Related: Final Fantasy 13 (RPG GAME)

    Program used:
    Adobe After Effects CS4 (For the 2D Graphics)
    Adobe Media Encoder CS4 (For the Final Encoding)
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 (Main editing and composition switching with AE.
    Adobe Soundbooth CS4 (The Audio Editing)
    Cinema 4D R11.5 (The Circle Loading composition)

    AMV Editor: Timmie Ng (FateTRSC)

    This AMV is purely fanmade and they are respectively owned by the Anime creators. The Music is owned by the creators and music composer of FINAL FANTASY 13.

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