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  • Member: AleaRose
  • Title: .at the end, there will be [Love]
  • Premiered: 2011-08-29
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    • Birdy Skinny Love
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  • Comments: // And now all your love is wasted
    And then who the hell was I? //

    First I want to say; I am very proud of this amv and to all of those negativ-comment-writers: BAKA! Ihr könnt mich mal :'DD. I am not quiete sure what you will think of this amv. Will you be impressed or will you think, its good but many AMVs are good.. nothing special. I hope you will see the same things in the AMVs as me. My style in the Video should be more raw so you can understand the epicness of this whole thing xD

    I used to tell a story.
    In the first act you see the characters and important moments from them.
    In the second act you see the story behind the character and whats happend to them. I think you can understand this better, if you know each anime.
    1. Misuzu and Yukito; Why did he leave me?!
    2. Yuuki and Zero; Am I in love with him?
    3. Sakura and Li; But he loved me! He can't be bad!
    4. Ayu and Yūichi; She can't be dead!!
    5. Maka and Soul; The madness doesn't control him.
    6. Tazusa and Pete; I love you... It will be okay.
    7.Taiga and Ryūji; I lost him. Forever?

    I watched Vampire Diaries when Jenna and John died and elena has to go to their funeral. At this moment this song appeared and I thought. Oww~ thats cute bute this ' my my my ' is a bit creepy. Then I found the music video on youtube and listened to the whole song and it was amazing. My first thought was: I have to make an AMV... So here is it ♥


    Interpret: Birdy
    Song: Skinny Love
    Anime: Kanon, Vampire Knight, ToraDora, Shakugan no Shana, Princess TuTu, Tsubasa Chronicle, Soul Eater, Ginban Kaleidoscope, Air
    Programm: Sony Vegas 8, Gimp 2.0
    Studio: Unlucky Spirit Studio


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