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  • Member: Aurorasism
  • Title: |OST| Blue to Red
  • Premiered: 2011-08-26
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    • Florence and the Machine Rabbit Heart
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  • Comments: Ostwind Studios 東の風
    - we need fresh air

    Note: I mad ethis together with my friend when she was visiting me at my place.
    Her Youtube account:

    Hey GUYS!
    Well Jani was now some days at my place and I have to say it was an epic time together with you ♥
    We are an epic combo..even my mum says so.. and really no fights or any stress like usually with normal people.. but Jani is not normal she is epic or kind of soulmates.. fated friends? (all cheesy now) *_*
    really waaahw
    We had so much fun with swimming and stuff.
    Gah we get along really well :)
    Jani you're such an epic girl!
    We started the night before yesterday night this video after we watched together
    IT WAS SO FUNNY, we laughed the whole time and gawd, I can't wait to visit you Jani :3
    It will be so much funsies x3
    Well while Jani was here I learned so much new stuff in vegas or about editing in general..honestly..this girl is a genius.. well here we combined both of our really really really diffrent editing styles xD
    Just like we are actually really really really diffrent people ..but I think like this we have things the other one doens't have and so we can help each other a lot xD
    Still we have a lot of the same interests&hobbies. o:
    (does that make sense? ö.Ö)
    Well I somehow had a masking disease today (or yesterday) and stuff.. so I wanted to mask a lot and I did xD
    Well my hands almost died or.. fell off..however xD
    Jani made some nice transitions, and and made the intro and outro and some nice sparklish colour effects :3
    LOL and somehow we were zoom addicted in this video xD
    I have to say that editing together is much better than editing alone o:
    You get better results..bcs the other one tells you if somehting doesn't look good!
    And after Vegas first rendered it wrong I had to re-render it and gah I'm so proud about it, fer real ♥♥♥ -is super happy-
    And yes I know this description is long.. but I don't care if you read it or not xD
    I just had a super awesome time with Jani :) and I hope she thinks of it the same.
    I will never forget those days and I hope there will be many more in the future!
    I love you Jani ♥♥

    Pauli :3

    Thanks for watching.

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