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  • Member: Radical_Yue
  • Studio: Corndog Vidvids
  • Title: Gemini Rose
  • Premiered: 2011-08-21
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  • Song:
    • cary brothers Who You Are
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is basically the full version of my first Iron Chef video. Chiikaboom sent me the song and Kisanzi and I had our little IC match :P I won |:>

    Viewable here:

    It's kind of a rush job since I only worked on it for about a week to try to meet a deadline...

    The original video I was working on was lost when one of my hard drives crashed, so I figured I'd finish up the IC I did. I felt the song really worked well with the series and it was quite a bit of fun to edit.

    The video itself, I still feel, is pretty unbalanced, but overall, it's ok :P

    But yay? Or something.

    Yuri. Enjoy?

    Edit: haha, I just noticed that I put Sept 2011 in the credits. This video came from the future. I'm awesome.

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