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  • Member: SatoshiSakura
  • Title: Eternal Bond
  • Premiered: 2011-08-20
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    • Avril Lavigne Keep Holding On
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  • Comments: I felt like I needed a new AMV to compete with and since I've been wanting to edit with Tsubasa for a while now, this was born. I started about a month ago, and would not have gotten it done without the amazing support of my betas, mainly StarTrinity009.

    The main purpose behind it was to explore the bond between Kurogane and Fai, and how they were destined to meet and whatnot.

    This is the YouTube version, meaning it's pitched, has a watermark, and kinda gross quality, please excuse that. =___=;

    *TsubasaCon 2011 - Honorable Mention
    *BakuretsuCon 2011 - Drama Finalist
    *AnimeUSA 2011 - Romance/Sentimental Finalist
    *SakuraCon 2012 - Drama Finalist

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