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  • Members (11): TwilightChrono, AimoAio, AllyKatAVR, Dar, Hagaren Viper, Inan, JadeCharm, Kousaka, MystykAMV, pan_dbgt01, riccardocasu
  • Title: CascadaThon 2: Behind The Scenes
  • Premiered: 2011-08-16
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    • Cascada Evacuate the Dancefloor
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  • Comments: I was originally planning to release this alongside CascadaThon 2 when it releases, but due to circumstances beyond my control I have to make space so uploading now is the only option.

    I thought this would be just something fun to put on the side, and give people a little giggle if it managed to do that, as I know some people are just hard to make smile :)

    But, Sheryl and Ranka tell all about their encounters with the CascadaThon Team and the hidden secrets of romance between some of them as well as some philosophy from Sheryl about her views on artists and why she shares a common interest and why both her and Ranka got involved in the project.

    We from the CascadaThon Crew hope you enjoy.

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