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  • Member: Magnus
  • Title: Until the Day Naruto Dies
  • Premiered: 2005-06-10
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    • Story of the Year Untill The Day I Die
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  • Comments: My 3rd ever try at the AMV-phenomenon. My first 2 attempts are lost, but both were mainly barely edited footage set to music, put together on WMM - so, yeah.

    This was one of the earlier periods of YouTube containing AMV related material, and this combination was seen as "original" and "well made" by the public new to the AMV-phenomenon.

    The project was almost entierly created in Ulead Video Studio.
    WMM was used to "convert" and "cut out" scenes of the show for use in the Ulead software.

    Random, fun(?), facts:
    -This video was my first video to hit +1,000,000 views on YouTube, before being taken down in ~2007.
    -This video along with my "[Bleach] Ichigo Will Not Die"-video was the reason I got "popular" on YoutTube back in 2006.
    -This video was my first try on a whole new software, with a whole new layout and a bunch of FX - and I STILL didn't use any of the colorful/shiny/flashy effects avaible *most likely because I didn't know how keyframing worked...*

    This is very nostalgic for me, and I did not think this video was still around.
    So adding this on here is a lot of fun to me.

    Hope you find something enjoyable about it.
    / "ZetZu"

    present time: 2011/08/12

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