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  • Member: lloyd9988
  • Title: Insanity Overflow
  • Premiered: 2011-08-08
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    • Meister My World Down
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  • Comments: Eh, its not a bad AMV (Could be better), but don't expect to understand the concept completely. I was hesitant to post this because, after watching it a couple of time, I was like ">.> Oh my god, Shoot me! xD"

    Also, when it says "Blink Productions" in the end... just ignore that, I'm not in any production studio. But it did look cool. xD Oh, also, I did post this AMV for a competition and won the competition... but the funny thing is... This AMV took about... Oh, say... Three days to make. No wonder it looks so rushed! xD

    Special Thanks goes out too:
    ~Warlike Swans~

    Thanksies guys :D

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