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  • Member: EimiJ7
  • Title: Dirty Second Hands
  • Premiered: 2011-07-22
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    • Switchfoot Dirty Second Hands
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    I've been wanting to make another Baccano AMV for a while to I finally found a song that I thought would work. I want to have an editing theme that is somewhat consistent with the constant movement seen in the anime, especially similar to the opening. I also want it to use all of the characters to give meaning to the song. I interpreted the song as meaning that time will always change the present situation, so don't get too comfortable with how things are right now. I tried to use a lot of the plot twists that are found in the actual anime to achieve this meaning.

    The music itself had a lot of different layers to it, so I wanted the video to reflect that in some way. If I tried to use an effect for every single part of the music I feel that it would have been too distracting from the meaning, but without any effect it just looked boring. Because of this I instead tried to use a random flashing effect as a sort of texture to the video. In some parts I feel as if it is a little too much, but overall adding this effect in a couple of different variations throughout the AMV is really what brought it to life. I also added a couple grunge layers and some color correction to the entire video.

    Part of the meaning of the song had to do with the idea of time, so I wanted to make that clear within the AMV. To do this I added a clock overlay on the parts of the music that sounded like a ticking clock and I created a background using various stock images of clocks and gears for the middle instrumental section.

    The first part of the AMV was made to show the many different characters and their situations as well as their relationships with each other. Starting at the instrumental section in the middle I shifted to showing all of the characters in a more fluid way. I was trying to mimic the idea seen in the Baccano opening which is showing the characters based on their actions and relationships rather than the other way around (showing the relationships and actions based on the character). I was also trying to use their actions to directly illustrate the words being said and give them more meaning.

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