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  • Member: Adachi47
  • Title: [永遠の雪] Eternal Snow
  • Premiered: 2011-07-20
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    • Innerpartysystem Structure
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    Well This is my download so go to my youtube to learn more thanks (:

    MY Story Behind this AMV: (Spoilers if you haven't watched):
    Okay so we all know how Konoha Inoue used to Love Miu?
    Well she couldn't get over that he wanted to spend his days with someone else right basically. Which is Tohko Amano. Their Senpai. Amano and Inoue have developed a relationship as Miu starts to go crazy. Then Inoue wondered where the "Old" Miu went. The one he loved. Soon he starts to try to make Miu move on but she goes crazy. He ends up spending most of his time to save her Which sets Amano to go insane with jealousy. He finally admits he still cared for Miu but loves Amano. But she says Goodbye in the end. Leaving him behind.

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