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  • Member: Radical_Yue
  • Studio: Corndog Vidvids
  • Title: Dreamer
  • Premiered: 2011-07-09
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  • Song:
    • Kerli The Creationist
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  • Comments: I initially had a lot of fun and a lot planned for this video but really lost my drive when I found out my song had gotten around and someone else was going to do my idea :(

    I had some really neat and fun plans for this video and wish I could've carried them out but I just didn't have the passion to finish it...
    The video itself is still ok. Just a fun/upbeat character profile of Sakura. No big mysteries here :P

    For the beginning and end I did a simple "magic coming to life" comparison-type thing. The idea was brought on by the initial scene where Sakura is at school and the baton she is twirling turns into the staff while she is day dreaming. I tried to keep the theme magic during the chorus and the rest of the song every-day life with little hints of magic.

    Also, Kerli is now my guilty pleasure :Q

    Was a pretty fun video to edit, but it's not really anything special. Hope you enjoy it :P

    EDIT: Audio on the preview sounds terrible D: Downloading the mp4 is highly advised.

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