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  • Member: Kenka_Wolf
  • Studio: [LGS] Lazy Generation Studios
  • Title: 夢見の落下 - the Dreamseers fall
  • Premiered: 2011-07-23
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    • Movie The Fall (official trailer)
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  • Comments: Here it is - the "xxxholic - Yumemi no rakka" Trailer - my entry for the Maconventions AMV-Contest.

    I think I will not start to talk about this AMV in detail - I would nerver come to an end, if I did so because there's so much on my mind about it. There's a thought behind almost every scene and also about the roles given to each of the characters...bla bla bla...

    Just a few things:

    Kurotowa and me are really big fans of Tarsems "the Fall" (the origin of this AMVs audio). When I saw Bauzis "Ghost Runner" AMV at Aninite 2010, I showed it to Kuro and so we ended up doing this AMV in order to bring this amazing movie more into public.
    I'm very grateful for Kuros help on this and it was much more fun to do it together instead of bothering myself all alone the whole time! Still both of us thougt that this is not a "MEP" because I was doing all of the searching and editing stuff by myself. But since the idea behind this AMV was to match both the anime and original movie as good as possible and create a storyline within the anime that goes along with the idea of the movie as well, I want to note how much his massive knowledge about "the Fall" and his feedback to the chosen scenes helped me and made things more fun!

    We're aware that most of the others will not have much use for this AMV so it's kinda fanservice for our own. Still we would be happy to see others enjoying this too - even if it's just to make you a bit curious about the original movie and what it is about Charles Darwin.

    Please watch the trailer in original and if you have a feeling like you could like this (or even think "WTF!?") - take a look into the movie! Maybe you'll hate it (it's very special in some ways) but if you like it, this will be a love for a lifetime.

    Last but not least a technical detail: We what to give our regards to the costume section of the Naruto Crew who kindly sponsored us with dressing materials for Moros arm!
    Means: Moros hurt arm is photoshop-made with some Naruto-Screenshots that are not listed in the cresits. It's fake - NO Moro was hurt for this AMV! Hey! It's just ketchup on a monkey! ; )

    Have fun!

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