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  • Member: Rider4Z
  • Studio: Otaku Lounge Productions
  • Title: The fastest 3 hours of my life = 1:30 of CRAP.
  • Premiered: 2011-07-02
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    • Belinda Carlisle Heaven is a Place on Earth
    • Korn Got the Life
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  • Comments: I don't really remember what was going thru my head while editing this. I was tired. I wanted a nap. I do remember the first time i looked at the clock tho. an hour and a half had gone by @_@ My first chef battle, what can i say?

    Castor Troy challenged me to battle at Anime Expo's 2nd AMV Chef (gee, didn't see that coming). The battle theme was chosen by xstylus which was Saccharine Hell, meaning cutsy sugary crap that i could barely stand to watch beforehand to prepare myself for battle. My only consolation was knowing that mr. stylus had to watch ALL the footage thoroughly he had prepared for us ^_^

    I thank Nic for the secret ingredient being Devil May Cry. Castor and I were revealed to it only a few seconds before we had to jump to our stations. God bless him for choosing something bloody for me to edit with because i would have dreaded doing a full video to Heaven is a Place on Earth. fortunately i was hoping for something of the Devil May Cry nature so i came prepared with Korn on my flash drive. (along with disturbed and metallica).

    I'm tempted now to check out Devil May Cry. i've never seen the series but now i kinda wanna make this video right and take out all the imitation sugar.

    Castor beat me by 9 points out of a possible 150. i'm not surprised, his vid was definitely a lot more interesting than mine, but i'm a sore loser so i need to point out that mine was MUCH cleaner :P *COUGHaspectratiosCOUGH* --HOWEVER, if you went to the AMV 101 panel i did say that a video doesn't have to be technically perfect to be entertaining.

    Enjoy your chair, Ryan.... while you can.

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