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  • Member: Kitty-Chii
  • Studio: Eternal Voice Studios
  • Title: Loss of Sanity
  • Premiered: 2011-07-01
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    • We Are the Fallen St. John
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  • Comments: Back again and with another mini amv....
    Also please excuse the shitty quality cause SV decided to be a bitch and freeze when i tried to render in HD u_u

    yeaa...anwyho nothing much to say about this, it's for the BTS bbt round 3

    kinda wanted to hurry and get the over with, i kinda liked the outcome but i rushed the end (around 1:26) Cause after that i did those in like what.....30 min. e_e

    not rly caring whether it was awesome or not ._. and i Tried (and failed) to show all of the puella magi's POV (Madoka,Homura,Sayaka,Sakura, and Mami) =n= . . .like i said tried 8D! -shot-

    I absolutely love the song though -hearts- can never get tired of it *^* -morehearts-
    so yea hope u enjoy this vid =w=...if u can

    please note that this will be my one and only amv with this series, i liked the series alot but while i was DLing and actually got to editing it

    i didnt think it was AS fun as i thought it would be plus i kept switching songs just to try to edit with this anime ;u; (which explains the song cut) sorryyyy D:

    and i guess im done talking hereeee 8I and also tysm for 2600+ subs!! -hugs u all- hopefully next time i will have a full amv up since summer is here but depends cause im going to otakon (-high fives my friends that are going, like kara,mindy,ash, and whoever else) alot of ppl going... :'D

    and after that i leave for 3 weeks for vacation in august so dun rly know when i'll have time to edit again. Also since i've been all lazy with editing..havent rly felt like it lately XD havent rly been going on yt much either =w= (sorry for the comments i havent answered btw D: -fails- i'll answer soon...)
    anywho, im done talking C8 . . . -floats away-

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