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  • Member: BurningLeaves
  • Title: Welcome to the Obsession
  • Premiered: 2011-06-23
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    • The Orion Experience Obsessed With You
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  • Comments: I started ripping and working on this video in 2009 yet my ideas proved too venturous for my abilities. I went through long periods of shelving it and obsessively working on it for the next year and a half. Around June of last year I decided to dedicate very large chunks of time to finally completing it and entered it into AWA's 2010 Pro contest where it lost.

    Ileia and godix were nice enough to give me in depth betas on the video (Kariudo's given me several a year on this project) and I decided not to release it until I polished it up. After months of being lazy I decided I wanted to finish it (and use every great, final idea godix gave me =[ ) but the project file was corrupted... I guess I can't blame it, it was two years old, so what I have here is the same, unretouched version I put into AWA.

    It has become a little tradition of mine to release a video every year on my birthday,June 23rd. This video marks the 4th year I've done it and possibly the last as I haven't felt the editing bug in quite some time, or really, any idea I have anymore would take far more time than I'm willing to spend on another video.

    This video has the most expansive timeline I have ever amassed, it took 12 layers and not a one of them wasted. I managed to spend well over 100 hours working on this video though it might not look like it, editing and projects in general just take me far longer than the average person to get the same results, for example making that picture and writing this description just took me 3 hours =p.

    Things I learned making this video:
    Never blend fields.
    Sony Vegas Hates Me.
    Never blend fields.
    If I ever need to mask almost every scene again my video will be released in 9FPS.
    Fuck AMVs, I'm getting a life.

    RIP godix

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