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  • Member: VivifxAMV
  • Studio: Asylum Studios
  • Title: Moe Moe Rebellion
  • Premiered: 2011-06-18
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  • Songs:
    • Bif Naked We're Not Gonna Take it
    • The Maine The Way We Talk
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    Best Overflow @ Otakon 2011
    Best Upbeat and Anime Weekend Atlanta (Expo) 2011
    Finally....Finally it is done. Wow.....I can't believe it.

    So lemme start of by saying that this was a pain in the butt to make at times...and at others really fun. This is my Otakon 2011 Submission and I am quite proud of it. Some parts could be a little cleaner...but It's decent and I am done editing it.

    So where to start....probably with the inspiration.

    About 6 months ago a random thought popped into my idea, as so many do. AMV about TV started with the song...but Moe Moe Rebellion started with a concept. What if women in anime decided they were tired of being fan service? Interesting...And then they rose up in a sort of rebellion...even more interesting. And only Mikuru -- probably one of the most over fanserviced characters of all time could lead this rebellion! And the song just popped into my head...and it was no short work finding a female cover (which while grating served its purpose)

    I then spent about a month and a half planning out the AMV, and watching ecchi...I watched so much ecchi. Mostly at 32x speed. I picked Tsundere Characters to be my litte "rebellers". About a month and a half before the Otakon Deadline I scrapped my original plan and reworked it...making even more tweaks as I began editing.

    Editing was a unique expirience. I have never had to create so many graphics for one AMV. All the graphics you see in this AMV are my design. I also used AE for the first time (its little things) and did some animation. It is at the beginning and I dare you to find it.

    Speaking of that -- I encourage you to watch this AMV multiple times and pause it. There are lots of Hidden messages, interesting tid bits and fun stuff that you can find by reading things.

    Also this AMV is not me on my highhanded soap box. It is meant for comedy purposes, not "Lets examine the maltreatment of women in anime". I tried to demonstrate all aspects of fan service...and that they were not just bound to the female sex....

    This AMV was rushed a bit for the Otakon Deadline -- Vegas decided on the day it was due to stop opening the final part of my AMV -- so I had to recreate it with a beta and two very lacking final renders -- so there might be some frame rate issues and quality issues. But all and all it came out alright. (I made it in with 3 mins to spare lol)

    This AMV is the counterpart, creative sequel and my attempt to upstage AMV about TV. I hope I succeeded in that. Once again Driftroot's Takeout played a huge inspirational role to me (God I love that AMV).

    Haruhi and Mikuru are voiced by me if you are curious.....Mikuru's voice kills my soul.

    Hey Katie...Now that you finished this AMV about Mikuru do you like her more?

    hahahahahah.... No. Mikuru is a whore.



    This version has some fps issues -- I am trying to fix it for a cleaner release....but I kind of have no motivation.

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