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  • Member: Shadox-kun
  • Studio: Eden-Team
  • Title: [S&S] Day Dream
  • Premiered: 2011-06-13
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • NeedToBreathe Something Beautiful
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is our IC for the Iron Chef Stylize, we wanted to do a duet again in Iron Chef, the first dating back to about 2 years ago. (

    Anyway, at the beginning of the IC had not anticipated music video "Something Beautiful" but we'll cliper Storm Racers because it was the only music bourraine in the pack, but was told "Why take this one? other groups might take. Let's clip "Something Beautiful" for already it will be more original than other clipper of romance / sentimental. " Then wished to have two drives with the same chara design, it was addressed directly to an anime in two seasons and we eventually decided to take EF. In the end I am not disappointed with the result that Shinomi has more difficulty in the romance as he had never tried this style of clipped, I helped with these beta test that I spent for it more homogeneous as possible. So after that we started I was a little clipper farted because I had a sleepless night so I tell you not want to put the scenes on my first track xD. Shinomi has spent more time on his first track as the second (yes it started to 15h.) Mercy and then I got the wrong track, fortunately it was added that 3 seconds xD. And then comes the time to do the outro ... I would say nothing over there ... Shinomi xD
    It was a minute talking about everything and nothing ...

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