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  • Member: EimiJ7
  • Title: Deceiver
  • Premiered: 2011-06-05
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    • Within Temptation angels
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  • Comments: I really wanted to see the dancing in Princess Tutu put to this song but I also wanted to be able to tell a story with this song, since the lyrics are so powerful (at least to me ^^;). The only problem was that the story of Princess Tutu doesn't quite fit with the song... so I decided to try to edit in a way that completely changed the story of the anime. I've always admired people who could edit that way anyway, so I figured I should at least try. The scene choice was really difficult at some parts, but I really like how it ended up and hope that the story I created is understandable ^^; I feel like the dancing at parts is very distracting from understanding the story, but I also can't see the amv being conceptually successful without it...

    For the editing, I didn't want to completely lose the raw effect, but I felt like a lot of the scenes were missing something. I upped the contrast and brought out the red in a lot of scenes involving Mytho and Kreahe, and I rotoscoped Tutu in the middle section to make her stand out more against a Black and White background. I also had to create the scene where the gem explodes/dissolves since there was just nothing that was really working for me. The hardest part though was when I had to take some parts out of the scenes. For example, Fakir's head was in the tree in a couple of the scenes, so I used a combination of photoshop and After Effects to take it out. If I did this correctly no one will notice. I hope you enjoy watching it ^.^

    Won Best Romance/Sentimental at AnimeNext 2011 ^.^
    Otakon 2011 Best Drama ^o^

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