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  • Member: TritioAFB
  • Title: H.O.T.K (Remastered V)
  • Premiered: 2011-06-01
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    • Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets HighSchool of the Dead
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  • Comments: All right, starting this short thing, here's the story of this amv:

    High School of the Dead was first premiered during July of 2010, when I first listened the song of the opening I definitely fell in love with it. By that time, the amv PsyK-on! was created too, so this little moster is like her "cousin-sister"

    But when I upload it the first time to YouTube, the holy site took it down. It was first uploaded in July 10, 2010. Main problem was that YouTube kept blocking me everytime I decided to upload it again and again...

    Then I just gave it up uploading. The pc where I saved the file crashed, all my previous amvs, including the original version of this amv was lost, and I forgot of this vid....

    Until some days when I realized someone in NicoNico saved a copy of the vid. Though I don't aprrove that he downgrade the quality of the vid, I still gave thanks that I could watch again what it was supposed to be the parody to H.O.T.D.

    Watching it again made me think: Why not making a remastered version? Then I replaced the fxs that I just think were meh, and added new scenes to the parody. Main idea was to keep the concept always and not replacing all the footage, otherwise the vid would have transformed into a new vid.

    Originally this amv includes leftover scenes from the making of PsyK-on!, watch it here:

    IF you're bored of watching moe vids of K-on! or Dancing vids, I recommend you to watch this amv. The style of this amv is inspired in Gore animes, so this actually shows a new style in the K-on! amvs.

    If you're interested in software used:

    Sony Vegas Pro 9 nd 10
    Adobe After Effects CS4

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