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  • Member: gotegenks
  • Studio: DZ Studios
  • Title: Rewound
  • Premiered: 2011-05-26
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  • Song:
    • Modest Mouse Little Motel
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  • Comments: Haven't uploaded anything in forever...

    I actually made this like 5 months ago but i thought it was TERRIBLE AND I SHOULD NEVER SHOW IT TO ANYBODY but i just saw it today and i was like "why isn't this on the internet?" so i fixed it up a bit and here you go!

    Stole the idea from the music video for this song (which is a masterpiece of music videoing that you should go watch if you haven't yet).

    This turned out to be a way better representation of the way this game made me feel. I thought that "What Lies Beyond the Door" was, but this is a completely different statement and it has way more Riku! At the end of kh1, i just wanted everything to go back to the beginning. When riku got trapped in kingdom hearts I thought about destiny islands and how they were just normal kids until all this crap happened and if they could just go back then it would be all right...

    but nope! they had to make sequels....

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