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  • Member: theDarkSite
  • Studio: PSYence Series
  • Title: The Long Way to You
  • Premiered: 2010-10-15
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  • Song:
    • Kamelot On The Coldest Winter Night
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  • Comments: I started editing this AMV more than two years ago...

    I had plans for the song in the clip many years ago, but the anime I planned for it was not available in good quality, so I skipped this idea and started thinking of a new anime. 5 centimeter was the best choice back then, but my computer was broken, so I started the clip maybe an year after I came up with the idea. I made some 40-50 seconds of the clip, but I was discouraged because every second AMV was with a footage of this anime, so I dropped the project.
    After a few months my girlfriend watched the beginning of the project and said that it is actually a really good clip, so why don't I continue making it. I hesitated at first, but then I came up with the idea to finish this clip for the birthday of my girlfriend. So I started again, but the work was slow, and I missed the birthday, which was on September. Two months after that I decided to send my unfinished project as a beta version to several contest just to see if people will like it. They did, I won "Best Storytelling in a Video" in KuroKiiro Festival II - November 2010. After that I worked some more, but the project had some problems, so I ceased my work.
    Two days ago I came up with some ideas how to finish the clip without the project, and here's the result...

    The editing was maybe 5 months in overall (if I'm not counting the long pauses), I used only Adobe After Effects. I remember that I had to watch many tutorials, to combine the useful parts of them and to make the needed effects in the AMV. It was fun and I learned many new things, some of which helped me with another clips...

    It was worth making it, so hope you'll like it!

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