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  • Member: ThatBakedPotato
  • Studio: [ Vertical Motion ]
  • Title: Tomorrow
  • Premiered: 2011-04-09
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  • Song:
    • SMAP Over the Night Sky (Piano Cover)
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  • Comments: "I wonder if we could believe something since then. Over the night sky, tomorrow is already waiting."

    Birthday present for Jeffwey. :3

    I reeeeally love this song. I would have edited the vocaloid version but I thought the piano cover (which is available on iTunes - AWESOME FOR ME) suited the beauty of Kanon. Kanon is my favorite anime. I bawl every time I edit with it LOL. D; Like I always get lazy towards the end of an AMV, but I tend to work harder when I'm editing Kanon. I dunno why. I just love it too much. xDD Like good animes come here and there, but Kanon is the one and only anime I still cry at each time I watch it. Of course, I loved all the little separate character arcs of Kanon, but Ayu was always my favorite because the entire anime built up to her arc so much. I also identify with her a little for some personal reasons LOL. ;w; So yeah, pretty song + Kanon 2006 = motivated Channeh (a rare occurence OMGAAAH!)

    I hope you guys enjoy. :3

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