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  • Member: Nekou
  • Studio: Sugasugashi Studio
  • Title: Godish
  • Premiered: 2011-05-15
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  • Song:
    • Florence and the Machine Blinding
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Madoka became really popular and I saw a lot of AMVs with it, that was a little bit annoying for me, I decided I won't use it, but I will HAVE TO xD because I joined Sugasugashi MEP and our master (xD) told me that I will probably have to use Madoka. >.< So I watched and downloaded it. Now I can say its unique and brilliant show.
    Making this amv was very time consuming, hard and annoying because of my stupid computer (or maybe Vegas Y__Y). Its my first AMV with this series so its probably not very good...
    'Blinding' (song) is extremaly beautiful and awesome *____* My friend sent me this and I fell in love with melody. ^^
    I could tell you about the invention of the AMV title, but it's hard to explain. xD I call my sister 'Godzisz' (its not her name XD I just invented it XD) and it sounds similiar to english 'Godish'.. like a adjective God-ish. :) In my AMV Kyubey is Godish, a bad bad cheater. Y.Y But Madoka with her friends will kick his ass. ;3
    Thats all, sorry for my english.

    First time in my life I wrote such a long AMV-description. x'D

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