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  • Member: pink haze
  • Title: Dead Moon Masquerade
  • Premiered: 2011-05-14
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    • Moulin Rouge Soundtrack Hindi Sad Diamonds
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  • Comments: Seishun-Con 2011 Judge's Choice

    Spoiler Warning for Sailor Moon SuperS.

    This has been a long time coming. Since I first picked up this hobby, I've wanted to make an amv about one of my all-time favorite villains, Queen Nehelenia.

    I've grown fond of her crazy band of circus freaks and their outrageous antics. That said, I didn't expect them to completely overrun the video. ^_^;'s Sailor Moon; there's bound to be some silliness mixed into the drama.
    Mostly I just had fun editing whatever struck my fancy. As per my usual, there is a story; there is not-so-subtle symbolism; there is deep thematic philosophizing on the inner workings of the human heart a dancing seal.

    This is also my reaction to the surplus of eye-candy Sailor Moon vids that only use transformation scenes (not that I don't love those--there's just more to this series than girls waving wands around!).
    Enjoy! ^_^


    Even with R2 DVD rips, cleaning Sailor Moon was murder. I wager I spent more time preparing the footage than editing.
    Editing Programs: Premiere CS4, Photoshop & After Effects
    Time: four months working casually and taking lots of long breaks

    Special thanks to SilverFreedoms for modeling the 3D crystal & Kazemon15 for beta testing!

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