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  • Member: Laerium
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: Take a bite of my (L)
  • Premiered: 2011-03-13
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  • Song:
    • Neon Trees Animal
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    Niwa (Pro): Me and Laerium have gone through different kind of challenges in this project, but from it we gained some new knowledge and techniques which helped us finish this project. Since the beginning, I knew Laerium had the potential of evolving her own style into something much more, and that was my goal. In the end, I was amazed of the result and her progress, the video itself was simple but it had so much relation and feeling together with the music, which is a important piece for a music video in my opinion. I was glad being her tutor and her good friend during this process.

    Laerium (Novice): It's my first time entering a contest like this, and so, I loved to work with Niwa. He's a really good beta tester, and helped me a lot. I like criticism, and I usually asked advice to some friends, but people don't do good beta testing. I was glad to find an awesome sensei and friend =D
    But now about the AMV itself: as Niwa said, we went with a simple, yet different romance AMV. It's not a lovey-dovey or drama thing like usually; so don't expect that type of video. We wanted to go for something fun and enjoyable, since usually people tend to do more depressing, dramatic or dark video styles. In the end, I think I improved my techniques overall ^^

    By the way! A contest for the viewers: if you count the ammount of fish on this AMV, you'll earn a cookie :'D

    Ps1: I was gonna call it High School Of the Fish;
    Ps2: This should totally win an award for the most fish in one AMV;
    Ps3: Don't you just love her faces? D;"

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