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  • Member: DieeDee12
  • Title: Eat My Feathers
  • Premiered: 2011-05-07
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  • Songs:
    • 3OH!3 Starstrukk
    • Mario Bros. Mario brothers Theme
    • Techno Remix Techno Chicken Remix
    • Tomboy Ok2BGay
    • Westlife Nothing gonna change my love for you
    • X-Files Movie Sound Clips
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  • Comments: Hi guys! Thought I'd try some crack AMV; it's been a while since I made one. The idea came to me when I first watched Naruto Shippuuden filler episode 185 - Animal District. I found this techno chicken remix and I thought: it's a match! :))

    Some other ideas came to me afterwards, so now you have 3 other songs inserted on the middle. Let me explain:
    Naruto finds weed, he "eats" it and then starts to fantasize on the girls. Lee and Gai somehow join to apreciate the "springtime of youth".
    The other 2 are related to Hagane Kotetsu, temporary captain. He is seriously getting beaten by Condor, and he starts having flashbacks. And then, Izumo joins and together, of course, they can beat a poor beginner ostrich...
    To think these two looked so cool during the Chuunin I know why they're stuck doing odd jobs.
    The ghiul is a ring of the sort that became a symbol for manele singers and cocalars, lol. Therefore what he does is:
    + 3 stamina
    + 5 prowess (smecherie)
    - 30 intelligence.

    I know this is a little fast paced overall, so you're probably gonna have to watch it twice to get everything. Sorry about that.:(

    And now, the credits:

    o Naruto Shippuuden 185; ed 8; ed 10

    o X files main theme
    o Techno Chicken Remix
    o 3OH!3 ~ Starstrukk
    o Westlife ~ Nothing gonna
    change my love for you
    o Tomboy ~ It's okay to be gay
    o Super Mario theme

    Naruto chibi/fanart by:
    o Mig33 (blogspot): Shino, Lee
    o evolvana (deviantart): Naruto

    o JunJun/junnina ~ Play my game
    o alwaylikeanangel ~ Call 911

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