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  • Member: DieeDee12
  • Title: Alternate Love Story
  • Premiered: 2011-04-24
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    • Kurt Schneider & Jake Bruene Iris (cover)
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  • Comments: I made this AMV in 1 day, yesterday 23rd of April;))

    My main inspiration source was the song that offered me a lot of possibilities. I was impressed by Kurt and Jake's performance, and I knew I would want to edit an AMV someday on their Iris cover.

    Sub the singers, they are so worth it (and while you're at it, check their competition with unusual musical instruments)

    This is their video:

    And so, the occasion came when I finally saw "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya", long after it came out (as usual, I am the last to know).
    This anime movie blew me away. I declare it the best anime movie that spins off a series. First of all, the story didn't disappoint me AT ALL. It kept me guessing from start to finish. The graphics are downright AMAZING. Whoever worked on this deserves more than an Oscar. It's a long movie, it took tons of work. I can't even express in words what those animators went through to obtain this.
    As usual, the characters are brilliant - but the most amazing is Kyon. Dear God, I didn't know that guy was capable of SO MANY EXPRESSIONS!

    As for the title, "Alternate love story" simply refers to the fact that in a world where Haruhi Suzumiya doesn't exist, Nagato Yuki will fall in love with Kyon, even a psycho Kyon (he reaaaly scared me on his first scene with human Yuki). Kuon also would be tempted to choose her if Haruhi trully didn't exist. That is, in an alternate reality...or one that deviated from its normal course...

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