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  • Member: FateTSC
  • Studio: FateTSC Production
  • Title: Children of the Night
  • Premiered: 2011-05-07
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  • Song:
    • Nightwish The Escapist
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  • Comments: This was the AMV contest opening intro for the Animecon 2011 that was held in (Theaterhotel Almelo The Netherlands.

    Since that I didn't participate this year because of 2 movie exam project while I'm working on it to make my third year of school.

    I've decided to make a Openings intro for the contest. Which that Niotex has doing it each year but he couldn't be presented this year so I've asked Kaj Schulten if I can do it which I can build some experience that I can get for next year to host my AMV contest at Ani-nation. Kaj Schulten think it was a nice idea so I started then.

    The CONCEPT:
    The meaning of this intro to show the feeling of the AMV's of this year Theme Childeren of Night. Then I thought the Anime Princess tutu really fits this year theme. Lots of night scenes with dancing girls and a classical piece of music with rock mixed. The idea actually came from my previous concept of Lets Experiment Intro with the Genres parts like Dance, Drama & Action again. This is the last time that I'm doing it with Genres for a next AMV intro I'm going to do different.

    The Editing:
    The Editing was more for me a good time because in my vaction time. This was actually a half project that was finished was actually a AMV project for Connichi that' s a Anime convention in Germany.

    But since I've decided to make a Intro instead of a AMV. I've changed a lot of things in the project file of Premiere Pro CS4. The most of the Anime source files where good since I've was very satisfied with the end result.
    There was only one thing that was wrong since at the Anime convention itself which that the title screen of 23 contenders actually was 24 which I've heard from Kaj the day of the Screenplay. Some miscommunication but I've changed now in this VIDEO.

    The title sequences were made by me its a Particle World preset from Adobe After Effects CS4 which I've used which some lens flare.
    The rest was just a normal letter font that was in the After Effects package itself. The screenplay at the beginning was made in Adjustment layers and I placed it in a composition layer a video footage of my previous AMV entries from the year 2008-2010.

    The Gear part was also a animated by me the credits goes to the pictures of textures who made this. Thanks for those who had made those gears. Those were all textures.

    For those who didn't saw the sense of humor of the end of the Intro in my video or doesn't know it yet that was actually the same sense of humor scene of my Tsunacon 2011 AMV entry Sensitive sky of Anime.

    Since I really enjoy the AMV contest I wish you all AMV editors a good Anime convention and I hope you enjoyed it.

    And wish you all the best in the Editing career in the future.

    Anime used:
    Angelic Layer (TV)
    Canaan (TV)
    Chaos head Visual Novel CG pictures
    Clannad (TV)
    Ef A Tale of Memories (TV)
    Full metal Panic (TV)
    Kaleido Star (TV)
    Nodame Cantabile (TV)
    Munto (TV)
    Princess Tutu (TV)
    Seitokai no Ichizon (TV)
    Shakugan no Shana (TV)

    Program used:
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
    Adobe Photoshop CS4
    Adobe Soundbooth CS4
    Adobe After Effects CS4
    Adobe Media Encoder CS4
    Sony Vegas 8.0
    AMV Editor: Timmie Ng (FateTSC)

    Artist: Nightwish
    Song title: The Escapists (Edited version) done with Soundbooth CS4

    Anime 2011 In corporation with J-pop foundation.

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