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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: GAS
  • Title: Super Infinity
  • Premiered: 2011-05-07
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    • Electro Sun Double Trouble
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  • Comments: About time I made another psytrance AMV.

    Going back two years, I was going to a trance party in South Africa, where the DJ "Headroom" was playing totally kickass music during the morning session. It took me a while to figure out where it was from, and ultimately I found the album Double Trouble from Electro Sun to be the source. I absolutely love it and it's still my favourite psy album to date, so naturally I did have quite alot of potential AMV ideas in my head. One attempt began 2009 already, but failed right in the beginning.

    I was aware of the magical girl franchise Pretty Cure (Precure), even tried to watch a few series, but ended up disliking them quickly. Heartcatch Precure however had a completely new direction and artstyle, combined with awesome characters and animation. I gave it a try and ended up watching all of it, really enjoying it lateron as some truly epic episodes came up.

    Combining those two was just a crazy thought at first, but as the series progressed I was thinking it might actually work, and after the series ended I just really wanted to put the excellent animation to some use. I did have quite a hard time getting into editing the track, as this is still a series aiming for a target audience of 12 year old girls. This means that the color scheme is very broad and hard to get to flow right, so I had to be very selective with scenes. As I got the hang of it though, it was a blast to edit through and I had lots of fun.

    I did the whole thing in about 15 hours spread over 10 days. Please excuse the video quality of some scenes, since for some weird reason Toei decided not to release this series on BluRay, so TV rips were the best I could get. This was really annoying since it's one of the few anime actually benefitting alot from HD resolution. I did have a BluRay source for the movie though. Huge thanks to mirkosp for providing me with .ts files of the final few episodes!

    The AMV Title is a combination of two transformations in the series: "Super Shilouettes", which are the white suits the girls transform into, and "Infinity Shilouette", which is the planet-sized fusion of all four of them. So, you might go "WTF" in the first few seconds, since this is still a happy-go-lucky magical girl show combined with full-on psytrance. Nontheless, I hope you enjoy! :)

    3rd place by editors choice at the Anime 2011 AMV-Contest in Almelo, Netherlands!

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