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  • Member: 5leafclover
  • Title: Ich habe nichts gesagt
  • Premiered: 2011-05-08
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    • Rammstein Du Hast
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  • Comments: Please vote and give honest opinions(but watch the whole video before you do), I am fairly new to editing and would appreciate some feedback.

    Somebody who is fluent in German please tell me, in a quick comment, if i should be using "habe" or "hab" which one is correct? I want to correct that if im using the wrong form.

    On another note, I received a quick comment criticizing my use of an infamous scene in this movie (if you have seen EoE you know what scene I'm talking about) Yes, I used that scene it the 1st few seconds of the video for pure shock value.

    But that brings up an interesting point. This video has a solid 90 seconds of pure violence; blood, gore, and the disembowelment of a living being, and this person is offended by a half second clip of a hand with semen on it. Really?

    EoE is probably one of the most disturbing, darkest, and most provocative movies ever made and this video reflects that. This video is supposed to be shocking, violent, and disturbing. But if a half second of a hand with white fluid on it is more offensive to you than a minute and a half of hardcore violence then i suggest you re-evaluate your morals.

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