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  • Member: milkmandan
  • Studio: Lolilicious Designs
  • Title: Pretropolis
  • Premiered: 2011-07-01
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    • Paul Jebanasam Prelude
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    Finalist in Anime Expo 2011 - AMTvPro Category
    3rd Place Audience Award - FanimeCon 2011 FMV Contest
    3rd Place Judges Award - FanimeCon 2011 FMV Contest

    So the idea for this video came shortly after I saw the trailer for the Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie. In the trailer, they had used a mixture of Paul Jebanasam and something else.

    Seeing that the song carried a pretty emotional epic ride, I thought to edit an AMV that kinda followed the same emotional flow. I ended choosing Metropolis as it would give very steampunk-ish feeling even though it was an older anime movie.

    Metropolis worked out pretty well, as the plot of Metropolis kinda had a similar emotional ride to the song.

    This is the first AMV I've edited with a song that had no vocals. Because of this I had to drive the emotion of the AMV purely based on music. In retrospect, it wasn't that hard to pull off considering the song and it's impact, but it was still the first time I've done it.

    The video ended up making Finalists at AX AMV 2011 Contest into the AMTv Pro Category and it won 3rd place for Audience and Judges at Fanime FMV 2011 Contest. I am fairly surprised, considering the amount of time I spent on editing it.

    Direct link updated below.
    Youtube link is here:

    Technical Information
    Remastered versions of some older anime titles are getting re-released in Blu-ray. I snagged myself a copy of Metropolis in Blu-ray and used that as my source material for editing. Hence the 720p nature of this AMV.

    Seeing that most of my work was done for me, the Blu-ray rips once extracted are already in a workable format (somewhat). I just needed to reconvert them to a lossless quick render codec. I chose Lagarith as my source codec. Full Metropolis source video in Lagarith ended up being ~123GB.

    No real oddities in the video, so I didn't do any additional post-processing or sharpening of the footage.

    Most of the AMV was created with Fireworks and Premiere. No real fancy effects, mostly just straight quick cuts and some cross dissolves.

    Distribution version of this AMV is widescreen @ 1280x720 resolution, 24fps.

    Total Time Editing: 18 - 22 hours.

    Short Synopsis of Metropolis
    Set in the future, Metropolis is a grand city-state populated by humans and robots, the cohabitants of a strictly segmented society. Amidst the chaos created by anti-robot factions, detective Hunsaku Ban and his sidekick Ken'ichi are searching for rebel scientist Dr. Laughton. But when they locate him, his secret laboratory is destroyed by fire under sinister circumstances, and instead Ken'ichi finds Tima, a beautiful young girl bereft of memory and speech, seemingly helpless at the site. Little does he know that Tima is a new top-of the-line android created to take over Metropolis, and that behind her creation lie the ambitions of a powerful man and his fierce desire to reclaim a tragic figure from his past.

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