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  • Member: legato2400
  • Title: Miku Hatsune - Love Is War Remix Original HD
  • Premiered: 2011-04-23
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    • Miku Hatsune Love Is War
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  • Comments: I did not make the original video or the song.
    What I did was change the original lyrics with the help of silvernightpuma, Ryo & Supercell and A LOT from my own mind. Also I did all the video effects and for 5 times I change her eye color YES it was so hard cause I had to do it frame by frame! =) Enjoy!

    Miku Hatsune is a Vocaloid, that is a program to make it sing whatever the user wants.

    My goal was to make sure that every part Mike sings would have the words match so if someone wants to do a dub they easily can =)

    If you want to use my lyrics for a fan dub please do and show me. =D

    Original song link-
    Vocalod English Dub-

    -Legato2400 lyrics-

    I can't help this feeling anymore
    Don't you notice the fever of love?

    Dark Clouds, Were hanging low...
    Monochrome clamour, all around me...
    The sunlight cast down the truth
    The dusk is changing into a, divine, sphere of light
    This would is starting to, fall apart...
    But even so...
    My heart beats only for your love
    I know it well..
    But what, should I try to do now?
    What should I do? How Could I do?
    Was I only? Some other girl?

    Let's commence, act of love, Inside this battlefield!
    I saw you turn your face slightly, when passing near that girl!
    The love I made with you... Is only made of sing!
    Before you go I'll show despair by spreading out my wings!

    The megaphone I tried to use...
    Instantly turn to, fragments of... Dust particles...
    No matter how hard that I try, you can't hear me...
    I could never, stall your cloudy eyes, Against my, dry tears...
    When did the bright sunny sky, decide to come outside?
    It don't match (my feelings) a single bit...
    My stubbornness... and hate, Remain under the sky!
    What should I do? How could I do?

    Am I crying right now?
    No I'm, not crying at all...

    I love you soo...
    I will fight, for you!
    Aim towards your heart and strike!
    There are no options, I can take, I'll kill you right here!
    Soon you will see my rising skirt!
    When I fly in-front of you!
    And this is how I'll lock your eyes, upon my true soul!

    Now Prepare to Intercept
    The odds are stacked against me, War tactics are doom to fail...
    Love is blind, this is war...
    Only by your kiss, I'll awaken, to your dead cold, lips!

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