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  • Member: Phantasmagoriat
  • Title: [IC] Galactic Escape
  • Premiered: 2011-04-15
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    • Deerpeople New Dance
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    Announcement Thread:

    This is my first Iron Chef vid ever! and I couldn't be more pleased :)
    It was made for The Online AMV Iron Chef Tournament v4.0 hosted by Brad.
    Bracket_3, Round_1, Match_34: Phantasmagoriat vs MycathatesyouAMV. I won. But kudos to MCHY for putting up a good fight ;)

    Still deciding if I want to remaster it at some point, so it probably won't be up on Local for a while. But below you'll find some links showing what I sent after the 2hr match. Nothing has been altered aside from re-encoding different versions (because most of you probably wont want to dl the 116MB file). The video is more complete than I would have ever imagined for an IC, but there are still some segments I wouldn't mind redoing. Or maybe I'm just too obsessive. Honestly, I like this vid so much I think I'm gonna send it to some cons after it's remastered and I make a clean audio version. It's better than some (if not most) of my regular videos. IDK... maybe I just haven't had the motivation to make AMVs this year until Brad provided the song ^_^. I'll have to check out this "Deerdance." I've also been itching to use this anime all year. "Welcome to the Space Show" is pretty epic, and believe it or not, I didn't even use *any* of the major action scenes. Anyways, hopefully I didn't shoot myself in the foot by using my best source in round one >.> Then again I won't lie. I got in a lot of practice this match, so bring it on :O

    BTW the file was a bitch to render & encode because it's 720p, 3:00 minutes, and has a fair amount of fades and overlays with lots of detail. Also, I accidentally wasted ~45min rendering the video using my proxy files instead of my scripts, so big thanks goes to Brad for being so patient.

    I hope y'all enjoy my first IC as much as I enjoyed editing it!


    EDIT: Uploaded a Remastered Version

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