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  • Member: Lucia Studios
  • Studio: Lucia Studios
  • Title: Stupid AMV Title
  • Premiered: 2011-05-31
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    • BriTANicK Trailer for Every Oscar-Winning Movie Ever
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  • Comments: Unfunny comment that gives vague detail about what the AMV is about.

    When I first saw this trailer, the idea of an AMV immediately sprang to mind, with Death Note being the lead, but I kind of swept the idea aside, as I was working on another project at the time. Enter Nani, who heard about this dismissal and refused it, and convinced me to make an AMV that was infused with fangirl love and crack in October 2010. Over several late-night chats, I toyed with the idea for several weeks before becoming obsessed with it, and the rest is history.

    While I can't exactly find why fangirls go absolutely insane over yaoi, I have to admit that Light and L actually makes sense to me as a couple. And let's face it: Misa's just an idiot. Come on, you were thinking it, I know Light was.

    This AMV took FOREVER to make, and I worked on it in spurts before submitting it. I started production seriously in January 2011, and worked on it for most weekends and whenever I could find spare time (you would think that's a lot, but it's really not.) The title is a testimony to how long this process took for everything to be just right; this project must have gone through 20+ titles among friends, before a very frustrated yours truly grumbled "Stupid AMV title...", which actually became the title due to me giggling at it.

    Special Thanks to the betas: Nani, Helen, Sean, Kevin, Amanda, and Sharon.

    ...And another thanks to everyone that's listened to me swear and curse, and somehow saved the computer from my insanity over this. Because of you all, I still have a computer that works. This would NOT have happened otherwise.


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