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  • Member: Kosmit
  • Title: Gay Means Happy
  • Premiered: 2011-04-13
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  • Song:
    • South Park Movie OST I'm Super
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    Contest participation:
    AnimeFest 2011 - 2nd in Comedy, 3rd overall
    AnimeCentral 2011 - winner in Comedy
    Big Contest 2011 - winner in Comedy, finalist in Character Profile and 20th overall

    Last year Crossfade made two absolutely awesome AMVs with South Park songs. I wanted to make one too and “I’m Super” quickly became the song of choice simply because I haven't seen an AMV that did the song justice. Various ideas popped into my head which character to use, but it was only after I saw the Soul Eater segment in RTSD that I knew Excalibur is my man. I mean, just look at him:
    - he loves to dance
    - dresses all white
    - doesn’t wear any pants
    - thinks he’s fabulous
    - uses a giant golden duck as a toilet
    - none of his relationships with women worked out
    He’s totally gay and this video only proves this.

    Software used:
    Sony Vegas Pro 9.0d
    Paint.NET with Pyrochild’s plugin pack

    Special thanks go to (in alphabetical order):
    Crossfade he’s the one responsible for the title this time; that was supposed to be the title for our wacky collab, but the project sadly didn’t work out :/

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