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  • Member: Rider4Z
  • Studio: Otaku Lounge Productions
  • Title: My Conviction
  • Premiered: 2011-03-31
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  • Song:
    • Sum 41 There's No Solution
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  • Comments: this video is technically 2 years old. why am i releasing it now? Because it belonged to a sum41 mep that finally died so i'm deciding to release it on my own. So MINI amv so to speak. i am sorry about such a large file size for such a small vid tho, i never intended on releasing it solo so i never compressed it nicely.

    But anyway, regardless of what happened to the original project as a whole, this video itself is very special to me as it's a tribute to my all time favorite character, Future Trunks of DBZ. this video's a great representation of his life and how much suffering he endures. The world the androids left him in was an absolute devistation. He has one of the most tragic histories in all fictional characters i've seen. Even the beloved crew members of the Going Merry/Thousand Sunny (love them all) don't come close to his trials.

    If you don't know Trunks, i hope this will inspire you to learn his story. And if you do know him, i hope you approve of my representation>>> if you don't there's probably something wrong with you.

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