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  • Member: FateTSC
  • Studio: FateTSC Production
  • Title: Make your Dream come True
  • Premiered: 2011-03-27
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Bond Explosive
  • Anime:
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  • Comments: This was my AMV contest submission for the Yaycon 2011 AMV contest that was held in ATAK (event building) Enschede (The Netherlands).

    The contest had 14 submissions which we had 11 submissions last year which I've entered The Red Night AMV with 11eyes & Shakugan no Shana.

    5th place Yaycon 2011 AMV contest LETS EXPERIMENT
    3rd place Fun/upbeat Seishuncon 2011 AMV contest Category

    Anime used: Kaleido Star (TV)
    Artist: Bond
    Song Title: Explosive

    Program Used:
    Sony Vegas 8.0
    Cinema 4D R11.5
    Adobe After Effects CS4
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
    Adobe Soundbooth CS4
    Megui Encoder
    Virtualdub 1.9

    Editing Process: 1.5 Month after Tsunacon 2011 AMV contest 29 January till 15 March

    How did you come with this Idea?
    I've heard about a friend of mine named Joey van der Linden he said that this Anime Kaleido Star is a very recommended Anime also his favorite one.
    So I was curious about it when I was home and watch it for the first time.
    I was immediately interested in this Anime because of the Character animation totally perfect for me. After I watched Season 1 & 2 I already had in mind
    I'm going to use this Anime with a classical Music I've want to use named Bond Explosive so let the editing begin.

    How was the Editing Process?
    Good I had no problems this time compare with the last AMV entry from Tsunacon 2011 Tales of Railgun I knew this concept would
    be great but if the audience going to like it that's the question. The editing process was sometimes a little bit crap with the time because I had also a lot of school projects I had to finish,
    so I was thinking that I couldn't make the deadline anymore but at least I could do some beta-testing after that I've finished it.

    Why the title?
    I thought MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE TOTALLY fits this Anime.
    The AMV story is about Sora Naegino a Girl from Japan who is a Acrobatic Artist who wants to enter
    a Audition to show her skills about Acrobatic movements which she wants to be a KALEIDO STAR in AMERICA but not only Sora has to follow his dream.
    May Wong, Anna, Mia, Marion, Layla, Rosseta also wants to follow their own dream to reach there goal that's what the Title is all about together with the AMV.

    Any other comments?
    I just want to say for short talk: This AMV is totally one of my favorites like I said at many other Anime conventions in the past I try to change
    my style always untill the public gets enough with it then I will do what the public wants. And I haven't for a long time having fun editing a Anime Music Video since the last time was at Animecon 2010
    Its great to be back again in Action.

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