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  • Member: FateTSC
  • Studio: FateTSC Production
  • Title: Tales of Railgun Change of Time
  • Premiered: 2011-01-28
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    • Ayane Complex image
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  • Comments: This was my AMV contest submission entry for the Tsunacon 2011 AMV contest that was held in Sliedrecht (Zuid-Holland).

    First of all I didn't want to enter this contest anymore because of some reasons about the judging and had a feeling that the AMV editors didn't like the AMV or doesn't know the Anime.

    6th place BEST TECHNICAL
    8th place BEST OVERALL
    11th place BEST ORIGINALITY

    But I still going to enter because that i can show this AMV how it is for all the hard work of this product with motion graphics that I made by myself.

    ALL THE AMV EDITORS that had participated for this Tsunacon AMV contest you have all deserved a great achievement for all the HARD WORK YOU DID TO IMPRESSED THE PUBLIC. So hear by good job

    But I had some new suggestions for the coming Tsunacon 2012 AMV contest that will change some rules in the judging process.
    So I hope they will change some things in the Judging Process.

    Editing Process:
    The AMV was actually a sort kind of style like the AMV of Chibicon 2010 Fight for your friends AMV that I had entered last year in the summer. So I thought this time with Mecha and Action.

    The Anime To Aru Kagaku no Railgun is about organization named Judgement which Misaka, Kuriko, Kazari, Saten are the main members of the Judgement they have missions to protect Academy city that is what the AMV is about. Protecting the city from mutants.

    How did you come with this idea?
    I came with this Idea when I was playing the visual novel Game of Higurashi Demo when I've heard Ayane singing I thought it was nothing with the normal version.
    Trance songs is my specialty so I was looking for a version that was mixed or something.
    There was when I saw at wikipedia about her first Album release so I've searched everywhere for that song but it was to difficult to find.
    After searching the albums I thought LETS SEARCH FOR THE SINGLE SONG ITSELF Filestubes had one so I've found the song a REMIX VERSION WITH TRANCE.

    How was the editing process?
    First I thought I don't want to enter this competition anymore because I had to much AMV contest at the same time Tsunacon 2010, Yaycon, Animecon, Chibicon and Abunaicon all those
    AMV's entries from the previous times in 2010 makes me very tired of entering. But when it was October I thought why not entering okay its just for entertaining the public why not but I'm keeping this
    serious to edit the AMV because I want to put it at my Portfolio website what I'm working at school but still I had fun to editing this AMV not the best concept I had then before at Naru2u at Canada.
    But Overall from October till January 07th was a great time with this AMV project for Tsunacon. Special Thanks to Jane van Wechem who had to gave me inspiration for still competing the AMV contest.

    Where their problems at the editing process?
    Yes & No, Yes was first that my old Windows XP videocard was complety broken at my AMD processor which I couldn't convert my MKV 1080p episodes to MPEG-TS files (RAWAVCHD)
    So I thought I couldn't make it anymore so I thought its over but there was hope the AMD processor was fixed after replacing a new Videocard at my AMD processor. I can continue converting the Episodes.

    How was the editing for yourself?
    Good I really enjoyed the AMV I hope for myself in the future that I will start earlier or not compete all the AMV contest in the Netherlands.

    So I know its a lot of writing work. But I thought I want to show you how the editing process was for mine.

    Anime: To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
    Song by: Ayane (Pitched)
    Song title: Complex Image (remix)
    AMV editor: Timmie Ng (FateTSC)

    Program Used:
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
    Adobe After Effects CS4
    Adobe Soundbooth CS4
    Cinema 4D R11.5

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