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  • Member: Kireblue
  • Studio: Kireblue Productions
  • Title: Seishun-con's 2011 AMV Contest (Now Accepting Submissions)
  • Premiered: 2011-03-28
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    • Momoiro Clover Mirai Bowl
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  • Comments: Hello everyone. My name is Erik Norelus {kireblue}, and I am pleased to inform you that Seishun-Con is now accepting submissions for its 2011 AMV contest. The submission deadline will be @ 11:59pm on Monday, May 16, 2011; so here is you chance to win awesome prizes and bragging rights for an entire year. The rules and guidelines for the contest are as follows:

    AMV Contest Rules and Guidelines

    All submissions must consist of at least 50% Japanese animation, anime-style video game cutscenes or anime-inspired stills to be accepted into the competition. Also, videos must be under 15 minutes in length

    Entrants are are only allowed to submit one video to a category. Also, entrants are only allowed to submit to two of the five main categories, and a single video can not be submitted to more than one category.

    Videos submitted that contain excessive violence. sex, mature or adult content will not be shown during main competition. However, depending on the number of "adult" submissions that we receive, there may be a "Mature Audiences Only" award. Entrants are only allowed to submit one video to this category, but since this category is not a part of the main competition, editors that submit to this category will still be able to submit to two of the five main categories.

    All submissions must be in Seishun-con's possession by 11:59 pm (EST) on Monday, May 16, 2011. Attendance to Seishun-con is not required to enter the competition and will not improve your odds of winning. Prizes will be awarded to the top video in each category, and will then be mailed out to the winners that are not present at the convention. A photo ID will be required to claim a prize during the convention.

    The AMV contest is split into five main categories, and the "Mature Audiences Only" category. Entrants are allowed to select the best fit category for each of their submissions, but if our judges strongly disagree with the genre of a submitted video, it may be moved to a better fitting category. The main categories are as follows:

    Fun / Upbeat
    Drama / Serious
    Romance / Sentimental

    All submissions must be accompanied with the following info in the email sent with each of your entries, but it is not required to be in the actual video.

    Editor's Name: (If you would like to use a handle or nickname, please also include you real name. Failure to do so may result in you not being able to claim your prize should you win. Also, if your submission is a collaboration between you and other editors, please list the group's name and or the name of everyone involved.)
    Video Title:
    Category: (categories include Action, Comedy, Fun / Upbeat, Drama / Serious, Romance / Sentimental, and the "Mature Audiences only" category.)
    Anime Source(s): (If more than 7 anime sources are used, you can just write "various")
    Audio Source and Artist:

    E-mail Address:
    Physical Address: (This info will be needed in order to mail your prize should you win)

    To submit a video to the AMV contest, you must send a download link of your video to via a file uploading service like YouSendIt or MegaUpload. Sending a download link of a video uploaded to is also acceptable. All videos submitted this way must be e-mailed to us by 11:59 pm (EST) on Monday, May 16, 2011. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you within 3-4 days. Note: Youtube or "streaming only" links will not be accepted.

    File Formats:
    Seishun-Con is able to accept AMVs in a wide variety of file types. Unlike most conventions, Seishun-Con video rooms have projectors connected to computers instead of DVD players. And because of this, we are able to play most video formats and even HD videos. So if you were looking for a convention to send your HD AMVs, Seishun-Con is just the place. But even so, please do not upscale your videos. If your footage wasn't taken from a blu-ray disc or was already HD, upscaling it to 720 or 1080p will make it look like crap. The preferred file types are MP4, AVI and MPEG-2, but we also accept WMV, MKV and many more. We strongly discourage submitting QuickTime, DivX, Real Media or Flash Video though.

    After the submission deadline passes, our panel of judges will rate each video, and the top five AMVs from each main category will be selected as a finalist and screened during the convention. Finalist will then be notified via e-mail about a week after the submission deadline passes. During the AMV screening, Seishun-con attendees will have the opportunity to vote on which video they feel should win each individual category. Once the votes have been tailed, the winners will be announced during the con. In addition to the awards voted on my the audience, there will be an additional Judges award that will be chosen solely by Seishun-con staff. Only the eligible videos submitted to the main completion will be eligible to win this award, and winning this award will not disqualify a video from also winning an award from the five main categories. Videos submitted to the "Mature Audience Only" category are not eligible to win this award.

    Judging for the "Mature Audiences Only" award will be conducted solely by Seishun-Con staff. Multiple finalist will not be selected for this category, but the winner will still be announced during the con.

    Prizes will be awarded to the top video in each category, and mailed out to the winners. A photo ID will be required to claim a prize during the convention.

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