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  • Member: ZodiacOf13
  • Title: *~|/Love\|~* (Calling Darkness WORM part)
  • Premiered: 2011-03-11
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    • Of Machines An Autobiography In Vivid Color pt.1
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  • Comments: Song: An Autobiography In Vivid Color pt.1
    Artist: Of Machines

    Footage: Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy Advent Children

    Story (short Version):
    Would you fight for love? Would you die...just to see
    them. One last time? I would.

    Story (Long Version):
    Long ago there was a war, a war between two sides of one nation. One side was lead by the king, Noctis's father. The other side being a large scale rebel group known only as "Bellum".

    Now present day the war continues, The king has stepped down and has given the thrown to Noctis, his son. Noctis first declines, but is forced to lead a nation during the time of war. But Noctis had other plans, he and his childhood friend and lover Stella made a promise to run away and leave this crumbling nation behind.

    As soon as Noctis was to walk away from his thrown to meet his love, he is informed that "Bellum" has broken through the outer defenses and are on their way.

    Noctis determined to see her again, to keep his promise to Stella he attempts to fight his way though the rebel troops.

    As Stella waits, she is unaware of the events transpiring, She was to wait for Noctis on the bridgewhere they first met all those years ago. As the time
    past she becomes worried, but just as soon as she decided to go looking, Noctis appears. Bleeding uncontrollably, he collapses. And with his last breath of air, he says to her "Never forget, I love you".

    Technical Notes:
    Resolution: 704px x 400px
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    Container: mp4
    Compressed using Zarx264

    I do not own anything used in this video, Final Fantasy and all the characters used in this video are owned by Square-Enix. Credit for the song goes to Of machines.

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