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  • Member: NS
  • Studio: Simple Studios
  • Title: Da Beat
  • Premiered: 2011-02-21
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    • Wu Tang Clan Ill Figures
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    Samurai Champloo and Rap. aren't I original? I'm not going for originality haha, just trying to edit. I Started this video...well, Joey(Arashinome) made a beta with this song and I didn't really think about it. Then later somebody showed me a cowboy bebop beta with it and I told him I'd really like to see him try a source OTHER then the Bebop movie, since I had been seeing the movie used EVERYWHERE lately...He said he couldn't really see it going with Champloo (Which is what I suggested) so I edited the first like 30 or so seconds to show him...and I ended up liking it so I kept going. Basically the only thing that solidified in my mind that this song WOULD work with champloo (oher then it being rap) was the sword slash sounds. Thatís right, this whole project is based on something that occurs twice in the song for less then a second each time haha. Fast forward a little less then a year in time, and here we are. I finally finished it.

    I view this as an action video, but with the mood of the song, it turned out as a kind of laid back action video (At least in my opinion).

    In this video I really try to focus on transitioning with shapes and motion, keeping it flowing and directing the eye where I want it to go, I had a lot of fun editing this and am happy with how it turned out. It was overall pretty experimental as far as my editing style goes, since I was trying to incorporate so much motion.

    Special Thanks go to:

    Dr. Dinosaur

    And anybody else I may have shown a beta to, and forgotten about. ALSO everybody who watches it. I really do appreciate that anybody takes the time of day to watch, and maybe even enjoy my work, so thank you very much.

    So sit back, and enjoy :D.

    (This is a graffiti styled piece with a kicked back atmosphere)((lol, had to))

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