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  • Member: animefan1
  • Title: All You Need Is Host Club Love
  • Premiered: 2011-02-20
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    • #1 Beatles Now All You Need Is Love (as made famous by the Beatles)
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  • Comments: PLEASE select the "direct download" version from 4shared to get the corrected version of this. I am aware of the fact that at several places the video is out of sync and have made the corrections to them accordingly.

    And a 2nd note, this is actually a cover tack done by "#1 Beatles Now" and the song title is "All You Need Is Love (as made famous by the Beatles)". My apologies for the slipup.

    I debuted this @ my Katsucon 17 AMV panel and I did it also for the Valentine's Day weekend. Hope you and your significant other find this to be very enjoyable! And if you're single, well, like a friend of mine said ON Valentine's Day itself, "treat yourself nice today".

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