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  • Member: Enigma
  • Studio: Good For Nothing
  • Title: You Don't Even Know
  • Premiered: 2011-02-20
  • Category:
  • Songs:
    • Radiohead No Surprises
    • Third Eye Blind Thanks A Lot
  • Anime:
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    [b]First Things first[/b]
    1.Do [b]NOT[/b] take this video seriously at all, sit back and enjoy. think nothing of it.
    2. Yes that is the most badass poster ever.

    I haven't been having the most joyful months recently, i was bored listening to some music when TYB's S/T popped up in my playlist and this song came up, Idea pooped up sometime a few days later while i was hooked on the song, had nothing better to do considering i was skipping a [s]few[/s] important tasks.

    Most of the way the video was edited was just a more of "as it went" a long type of ordeal and how i felt about it as it progressed. Was a fun experience, so download and happy viewing ol' chaps.

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