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  • Member: Kawatta-kun
  • Title: The Bruised
  • Premiered: 2011-02-17
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    • Barlow Girl Song For The Broken
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    -- @AMVnews --

    Kawatta-Kun (Novice): The concept is simple and pretty much similar (or almost the same) as Black Rock Shooter.There's two girls, Mato and Yomi, who get to know each other through time and end up as great friends. Meanwhile as Mato starts to talk to another girl quite frequently she ends up slowly leaving Yomi behind and inevitably comes to hurt her.

    The action scenes are like a parallel world, where the main plot is the same but just with different consequences or counter methods. We can say that the girls from that world are Mato and Yomi's double, in particular their feelings and thoughts in battle.

    I loved working with my pro, my sensei, Aimo, she taught me some basic, simple but effective techniques and much more. This is without a doubt one of my great AMV's, and yet it's very different from my previous ones. I'll never forget this because I won a new beta-tester and awesome buddy.

    Aimo (Pro): The video makes good use of simple editing and basic FX to emphasize the story of the AMV. The action oriented part about the parallel worlds are a nice addition to keep the pacing of the video consistent whilst maintaining the dramatic story. Novice was very easy and fun to work with as a team. I would give feedback on his beta and he would ask questions and frequently point out different approaches to it in which we would discuss together before coming to an agreement. Overall I am very happy with the result and his improvement. ^^

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