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  • Member: l33tmeatwad
  • Title: Rough Love (Grow a Pear)
  • Premiered: 2011-02-18
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    • Ke$ha Grow a Pear
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  • Comments: Well my third AMV and it won Best Romance at the Anime Boston 2011 AMV Contest and Best Comedy at the Animazement 14 AMV Contest. After hearing this song, Toradora! immediately came to mind and I decided to attempt to make a Comedy/Romance AMV. A lot of Toradora! AMVs tend to focus heavily on the romance aspect, so I wanted to make a video that had a good balance of comedy and romance to reflect how the show presents itself. I would like to give a special thanks to Malakalam and snapxynith for quality checking and giving suggestions as well as everyone at Anime Boston who voted!

    Anime Boston 2011 AMV Contest [Best Romance]
    Animazement 14 AMV Contest [Best Comedy]

    Software Used:
    Notepad :)
    After Effects
    MeGUI (Encoding)

    Technical Details:
    This video was completed using AviSynth for 85% of the project. I also used After Effects, but only for a few effects and pan shots.

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