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  • Member: VerDjR
  • Studio: Legaecy Productions
  • Title: [Legaecy] Timeless Embrace
  • Premiered: 2011-02-14
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    • Ellie Goulding Your Song
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  • Comments: A love story released on Valentine's Day? Who'd of thought it! So I introduce my second Legaecy release 'Timeless Embrace' using Final Fantasy 8. Final Fantasy 8 isn't my favourite but the love story between Squall and Rinoa is very touching. The name for the video came from the fact that you see Squall and Rinoa embrace.....alot :D and the reference to time in the game. The story in the video is that thing called Love, but read the forum for my own story of the video. Ellie Goulding has a great voice and the song 'Your Song'(as may famous by Elton John) is one of my top favourites of hers. I also picked it for a series of lyric syncs which you will see. So kick back and enjoy my second release!


    We see Squall lost at the beginning and Rinoa trying to find him although she doesn't know where he will be. She looks up, thinking back to try and find the answer. A lot of different memories come though, she remembers being helpless but also remember the love she feels for Squall. She also looks back on the worst moment, Squall almost being killed but quickly goes to a happier memory to keep focus on her task. Then out of the blue, not a memory but a link to Squall, Rinoa sees herself with Squall......only it's not her but a fake with no face. She sees the flowers.....she knows where to go. She sets out to space with a friend (of course it's Squall in the real clip but we don't see his face!) to try and find him but it's too late......this 'fake' Rinoa 'got him' and we see Squall falling to the ground. Rinoa finally find him but he's not waking. Rinoa tries to talk to him.....nothing. She loses hope but then flowers appear. Not sure how the flower make him live but I guess the smell might help. SO it ends all well and they get there house where they both can live!

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